Historical Perspectives, Inc.

Archaeological and Historic Structures Services

Riveryards, Historical Perspectives, Inc.

Historical Perspectives, Inc. (HPI) is a women-owned cultural resources consulting firm offering a wide variety of archaeological and historic structures services including archival research and archaeological reconnaissance surveys to visual impact analysis, historic structures recordation, and interpretive exhibit and publication development.

HPI has been in business since 1982 and has successfully completed more than 1100 projects.  Incorporated in the State of Connecticut, HPI works throughout Connecticut, in all of New York, (including Long Island, Orange County, Rockland County, and Dutchess County), New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.  HPI has completed over 500 individual projects in the five boroughs of New York City alone, and over 100 projects in Westchester County, New York.

Field Picture: Historical Perspectives, Inc.Our dedicated professionals guide clients through the requirements of national, state, and municipal regulations, including Section 106, NEPA, SEQR, CEQR, Section 4(f), and other environmental review procedures.  All of HPI’s Principal Investigators meet the professional qualifications of the National Park Service’s 36CFR 61 and are certified by the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA).

HPI has received WBE certification from the City of New York and New York State. The firm has been certified as DBE by the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Ash Creek, Corduroy Rd. 1753: Historical Perspectives, Inc.Transit Authority, New York State Department of Transportation, and New Jersey Transit.  The Unified Certification Program in place for New York and New Jersey ensures that HPI’s DBE certification is accepted by other participating state agencies.  HPI’s professionals have extensive experience working as part of larger project teams whose contracts require WBE/DBE participation.

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