Additional HPI Team Contractors and Consultants

Additional HPI Team Contractors and Consultants

Richard G. Schaefer, Research Director and Senior Historian: Historical Perspectives, Inc.Richard G. Schaefer, Research Director and Senior Historian
B.A., Anthropology, Queens College, CUNY

A.M., American Civilization, University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., Historical Archaeology, University of Pennsylvania

As Project Director for numerous cultural resource assessments and disturbance memoranda, Dr. Schaefer has undertaken extensive primary research and report writing for numerous sites within the five boroughs of New York City. Since joining HPI in 1986, he has been responsible for devising, implementing, and overseeing documentary analyses designed to assess archaeological and historical potential.  Dr. Schaefer is the copy editor for the journal Historical Archaeology, and serves on the Editorial Advisory Committee of the Society for Historical Archaeology. His particular research interests are the archaeology and history of New York City, especially 17th-century Dutch culture.

William “Bill” Sandy, Field Director: Historical Perspectives, Inc.William “Bill” Sandy, Field Director

B.A and M.A., Anthropology/Archaeology, Rutgers University

Mr. Sandy has worked in Cultural Resource Management in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and surrounding states since 1976.  He first worked for HPI in 1984 and since 2007 has served as a Field Director.  Mr. Sandy has conducted all stages of investigations, coordinating field crew, completing artifact analysis, and preparing technical reports, and has been primary author of hundreds of projects of all types.  For his work at the Montgomery Colored Cemetery he was given an award from the New York State Archaeological Association and for his work at Beverwyck, Morris County, New Jersey he received an Archaeological Society of New Jersey award.  Mr. Sandy is active at the National Register listed Black Creek Site with the Vernon Twp. (NJ) Historical Society, for which he received awards from the Nanticoke Lenape Tribe and the State Historic Preservation Office.  For four decades he has worked, written, supplied equipment nationwide, and lectured on the fields of archaeological botany and the recovery of small finds on archaeological sites.  His landmark paper “Towards a Historical Archaeobotany of Delaware” was published by the Archaeological Society of Delaware.  He also teaches archaeology and anthropology at Sussex County Community College and is a member of the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA).

Handpainted Bowl: Historical Perspectives, Inc.Nancy Dickinson, Research Historian

B.A., Art History, Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts
M.A., History, New York University
Certificate in Public History, New York University

Ms. Dickinson joined HPI in 1986 and has undertaken primary and documentary research for disturbance memoranda and Phase 1A reports on urban, waterfront, and suburban redevelopment sites. She has also coordinated archival research projects; identified, catalogued, and analyzed archaeological collections; presented papers to both general and archaeological audiences; and published her findings.  Ms. Dickinson is a member of several regional and national archaeological and historical organizations and serves on both the Conservation Commission for the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut and the Calf Island Conservancy Board.

Luc Litwinionek: Historical Perspectives, Inc.Luc Litwinionek, Field Director and Graphics Manager

M.S., Anthropologie, Université de Montréal
Ph.D. Anthropologie, Université de Montréal

Dr. Litwinionek has more than 20 years of experience in the field of cultural resource management and meets the professional qualifications of the National Park Service’s 36CFR 61 and is certified by the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA). In the last ten years, he has worked on the management of large-scale heritage management projects, a number of which are energy related projects.  His work experience also includes working for and with Native American groups on repatriation claims, on land use studies, and in conducting fieldwork on trust lands.  He also is an expert in lithics analyses.  As graphics manager for HPI, Mr. Litwinionek has developed an expertise in ArcGIS and Adobe Illustrator and serves as the IT consultant for the company.

Barbara Magee, Business ManagerBarbara Magee, Business Manager: Historical Perspectives, Inc.

Serving as business manager and bookkeeper, Ms. Magee is responsible for the day-to-day operations of HPI.  She is also active in client communications and can be contacted for information regarding ongoing HPI projects, including invoicing, contracts, and report production.

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