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Miller, Robert

2016  “Ancient Times Revealed Along Riverbank.” Newstimes. June 5, 2016

A selection of articles and publications by and about HPI projects:

The Friends of Sherwood Island State Park present the 2014 True Friend Award

The Friends of Sherwood Island State Park

Celebrating Women in Science: HPI at the Connecticut Science Center

WIS-Elevator_October-Saunders_11x17 WIS-Elevator_May-Schneiderman


Video: Finding Rye’s Meeting House.  You Tube

Mascia, Sara
2010    New Listings on the National Register: Arrowheads to Racing Cars.  Connecticut Preservation News. Vol. XXX111, No. 1.  January/February 2010.    Connecticut Preservation News_Jan-Feb 2010 (pdf)

Bicycle Plant: Historical Perspectives, Inc.

Saunders, Cece and Robert Moore
2007    Documentation Standards for Connecticut’s Cultural Resources. Pathways to the Past: Transportation, Heritage, and the Twenty-First Century.    Pathways to the Past (pdf)

Litwinionek, Luc
2012    “A Stone Arch Bridge in Connecticut’s West Hills, The Skilton Road Bridge, Litchfield, County.”  Society for Industrial Archaeology, New England Chapters.  Vol. 33, No. 1.   SIA.NE_Skilton Road Bridge (pdf)

Points: Historical Perspectives, Inc.Schneiderman-Fox, Faline and A. Michael Pappalardo
1996   A Paperless Approach Toward Field Data Collection: An Example from the Bronx.  Society for American Archaeology 14(1), January/February 1996 14(1).   Society for American Archaeology (pdf)

Mars, Roman
2014   Episode 115: Cow Tunnels (podcast)

Schneiderman-Fox, Faline
2010    The Remington Rand Complex in Middletown, Connecticut.   Middletown Planning (pdf)

2011    The PALT-1 Precontact Site in Orangetown.  NYSAA Newsletter.  Volume 7, Issue 2.  Spring Summer 2011.   NYSAA Newsletter (pdf)

Barone, Meg
2010    ‘Corduroy’ road a bumpy pathway back to Colonial Fairfield.  Fairfield Citizen News.  September 8, 2010.  Fairfield Citizen News

Dwyer, Jim
2009    About New York, From Bones of Immigrants, Stories of Pain.  The New York Times. October 13, 2009.  NY Times

ANTIQUES1-articleInlineKahn, Eve M.
2013 Out of the Debris, a Stone Goddess.  The New York Times. February 28, 2013. NY Times.

Risinit, Michael
2012   Native American Artifacts Given to Historical Society.  The Journal News.  December 3, 2012.

2012   Artifacts dating back thousands of years turned over to historical group.  December 4, 2012. MidHudsonNews

Twilly, Nicola
2013   The Lost Cow Tunnels of New York City.  GIZMODO.  October 30.  Gizmodo

Photo Exhibit Catalog: Historical Perspectives, Inc.Wojtas, Joe
2003    For Old Shipwrecks, a New Protection.  The New York Times.  April 20, 2003.  NY Times

Harvey, Helen Bennett
2003    Sunken Treasure; Undersea wreck slated to become a historical preserve.  New Haven Register.  March 23, 2003.   New Haven Register


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